The aboutHUB Business Digital Card
Easy to read, easy to share

Powerful web-based information about yourself

  • Model your reputation
  • Deploy in minutes
  • Expand your reach

Model your reputation

aboutHUB is offering a powerful tool, for all skill levels, in order to spread your experience and to expand your work's entourage.

Deploy in minutes

With aboutHUB in minutes your Business Digital Card is live, fully managed, in order to connect yourself to any potential opportunity anywhere. As your needs or position change, you can easily update your Business Digital Card.

Expand your reach

With a click, you can share your reputation, experiences, videos, photos, documents, and last but not least your social media activities. Start to branding yourself, with strategaHUB, and sharing it with the world.



You are verified on the aboutHUB tool only when you own all the following accounts: facebook*, twitter, Google+, Youtube, LinkedIn, Slideshare and Instagram. *(page not profile)