We do

We find people who will love your brand!

If you need users, customers, or super-sharable content, a real Brand Communication Agency is what you need for your business. 
1)   Engagement. We find and we connect you with new users, early adopters and customers that will love your Destination products, services or events. 
2)   Branding. Team of professional writers will instantly share your content 
3)   Strategy. By your side as consultants to grow your digital presence and reaching key influencers for your brand services ans products 
4)   Coaching. Communication experts covering social media strategy will make you understand the new tools of digital communication. 
Promoting a destination thanks to its inhabitants means entering into a relationship with people. We do this through territorial animation actions, involving local stakeholders, organizing public events and using facilitation and gamification methodologies. This activity first of all helps the local tourist and allows to consolidate the relationship between PA and citizens.
With these contents followed in a professional manner, StrategaHUB produces support activities for the promotion of the destination.
The company is regularly registered in Italy at the MEPA for the beest cooperation with the PA in the sectors: Communication and Marketing, Organization of Events and Training.
Lario Fiere, Federalberghi Trieste, Robe di Kappa TS, Federalberghi Veneto, GAL Oglio Po, Comune di Caorle, Pro Loco Trieste...